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Automating Tasks in Your ServiceNow Integration


Automated tasks in ServiceNow enable you to ensure that Cases, Incidents and Users are created without any user intervention based on events in Talkdesk.

With automations, you can create rules like:

  • When a new user is created in Talkdesk, create a user in ServiceNow
  • When a call is missed in Talkdesk, create a case in ServiceNow
  • When a voicemail is left, create an incident in ServiceNow with a link to the recording

To automate tasks in your ServiceNow integration, go to the 'Integrations' section of the admin console, find the ServiceNow section and click the 'Settings' button. On the next page, you will see a list of all the Salesforce automations that are currently configured and their status. Click 'Add New Automated Task'. You can also view and edit existing automations.

Using Custom Fields from ServiceNow

If you have added custom fields to the User, Case and Incident objects, you may want to populate those when creating them via automations. By default, Talkdesk will show all standard fields and any custom fields marked as mandatory in the automation screen for a particular object. To add other fields to that screen, go into your ServiceNow instance, find the Talkdesk section of the main navigation menu and select 'Field Mappings'.


To add a new field to the automations UI, click 'New'.


Select the relevant table, then pick the field you wish to show in the automations UI. Click 'Submit', and when you go back to Talkdesk and refresh the page, the selected field will show up when creating or modifying automations that create or update the relevant object.


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