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Our self-service onboarding for new customers includes:

  1. Resources to help new customers get started
  2. Office hours for up to two weeks to assist in customer implementations


Purchase a number

The first step in setting up your Talkdesk account is purchasing a phone number. Your first U.S. or Canadian local number is free forever. Even if you plan to transfer numbers from an existing carrier to Talkdesk, a Talkdesk number is required for configuration and setup. Click here to learn how to purchase a number

Configure your phone number

Now that you have a Talkdesk phone number, you can start customizing the caller experience. Customization includes:

Account Preferences

Once the Talkdesk number is fully configured, administrators can move on to finalizing account-wide settings under Admin > Preferences.

Account settings include:


With your phone number and account setup nearly complete, you can now start connecting Talkdesk to the other applications your team uses every day. Learn how to connect with the most common CRM and helpdesk tools below:

Invite your team!

Before going live, start inviting your team. It’s important to note that Talkdesk users, or agents, are connected to phone numbers and IVR menu options through ring groups. Make sure that agents are in the correct ring groups and that ring groups are related to the correct phone numbers and IVR options.

Learn more about agents and ring groups:

Download Talkdesk Callbar and Talkdesk Click-to-Call extension

Call Forwarding and Deployment

Now that agents are ready to take calls and the Talkdesk number is ready to go, contact your carrier to forward all incoming calls from your existing phone numbers to Talkdesk. Then send proof of ownership and a signed letter of authorization to to initiate the phone number transfer process. Learn more about porting a number to Talkdesk.

Go Live

After call forwarding is initiated, you’re live with Talkdesk!

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