Voicemail Drop

Voicemail drop is a feature that allows your agents to save time when leaving voicemails on outbound calls. Countless time is often wasted by agents repeating a similar message over and over to a customer or prospect. Voicemail drop helps solve this inefficiency by allowing the agent to leave a personal pre-recorded voicemail message with ease using Callbar. 


Recording or uploading a personal pre-recorded message

To use Voicemail Drop you must first record or upload the voicemail message you want to use.

To do this, simply follow these steps:


  • Open the Callbar menu [1] in the top-left corner.
  • Click the Voicemail drop [2] option.


  • Click the 'Record' button [3] to record a new message. It will immediately start recording your message using the audio input device set for your Callbar. You can re-record it as many times as you wish. When ready, click the 'Save' button.
  • Alternatively, click the ‘Upload Audio File’ button [4] and locate and select the file you want to use from your computer.

Note: Talkdesk currently supports mp3 and wav file types. If you have a file saved in another format you can convert your audio file to a format we support by using this tool.

The file upload is limited to 1 MB. 

  • Once the upload is complete a ‘Voicemail uploaded’ confirmation message is displayed and your file name will be visible under ‘Active Voicemail Message’:


You can now start dropping your voicemail message once you reach the voicemail of a caller.


Dropping the pre-recorded voicemail message while on a call 

Place an outbound call and wait for the voicemail message to be announced. As soon as you hear the voicemail beep, you’re now able to drop your pre-recorded message. To initiate the voicemail drop, press the voicemail drop button [5] or use the hotkey ALT-D (Option-D on some Mac keyboards):


The call will then terminate on your end but continue to play on the callee’s end. A ‘Voicemail message dropped’ confirmation is displayed and you can now fill out the disposition screen if applicable:


It’s as simple as that! You’re now immediately ready to move onto your next call.

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