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How does Talkdesk handle contacts that are merged in Desk?


When two contacts are merged in Desk, one of them is deleted and the other remains active. However, if the two contacts present before the merge were both synced to Talkdesk, both contacts will continue to exist in Talkdesk. 

In order to ensure that Desk cases created via automations are only logged to still-present contacts, if Talkdesk needs to create a case associated with a contact that has since been deleted, it will automatically check to see if the contact was merged with a different Desk contact. When that is the case, we create the case and associate it with the still-present contact in Desk. 

This means that, for Talkdesk customers using Desk, when agents receive a call and see multiple identical contacts associated with the phone number, they can choose any of the contacts, and the case will log to the correct one.

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