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Logging into Talkdesk Callbar


Step 1

  • Type in your domain name and press 'Next':


This is your Talkdesk account name eg.

Usually, it is also your company name but in case you don’t remember this, please check the email invitation from Talkdesk or, if you have not received it and are trying to login to Talkdesk for the first time, double-check this information with an account administrator.

Note: If you entered the wrong domain name or use Callbar with different accounts, you can change the domain name at any time by clicking the domain name link:




Step 2

Log in to the Callbar using your Talkdesk username (email address) and password .


Note: If you are a new Talkdesk user, you should have received an email invitation from Talkdesk. Simply accept the invitation and set your password.

  • Press the 'Log In' button.

Alternatively, click the ‘Forgot?’ link so you can set a new password.

A browser page will be displayed where you must type in your email address and press the 'Reset my password' button:


In case Single Sign On has been enabled for your account by an account administrator, you can also login to the Callbar using your Salesforce, Okta, Google account or OneLogin credentials.  

  • Simply press the ‘Use Single Sign On’ button instead.

If you are not yet signed in to your default SSO provider application, an authentication window will popup outside the Callbar asking you to confirm the login details. Type in your Salesforce, Okta, Google account or OneLogin credentials there:


That's it! You can now start making and receiving calls using Talkdesk Callbar!


Note: If you are going to be logged in to the Talkdesk main web application and the Callbar at the same time, make sure you configure widget mode. This will ensure that calls only go through the Callbar and don't ring in both places simultaneously.

You can log out of Callbar at any time by opening the menu in the top-left corner and clicking the 'Log out' option:



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