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Callbar Electron for Salesforce (Closed Beta)


Once your agents have installed Callbar Electron, they will need to be added to this CTI in Salesforce. To do this, you will first need to create a separate Call center.  


Creating a new Callbar CTI Electron Call Center

Note: The same process applies in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.


  • Log into your Salesforce account as an Administrator and go to Setup Home [1].


  • Search for Call Center and then click on Call Centers [2].


  • Click on “Talkdesk Callbar CTI” [3].


  • Click the “Clone“ button [4].


- In the field InternalName [5], type in “TalkdeskCallbarCTIElectron”

- In the field Display name [6], enter “Talkdesk Callbar CTI Electron”

-  Under CTI Adapter URL [7], delete the existing value, and add the following instead: 

Note: All the other values should remain the same ie.: Use CTI API: true; Softphone Height: 280; Softphone Width: 210; Salesforce Compatibility Mode: Classic_and_Lightning, etc.

  • Click “Save” [8].


Adding Users to Callbar CTI Electron 

Important: Please make sure to remove any other call centers from users before adding the new one.

The next and final step is to add your agents who will be using Callbar Electron to this new CTI. To do this:


  • Click the “Manage Call Center Users” button [9].


  • Click the ‘Add More Users’ button [10] and select the users who will be using Callbar Electron.


Logging into the Callbar CTI Electron in Salesforce 

To start using Callbar Electron with Salesforce all agents will need to login to the new CTI prompt displayed inside their Salesforce accounts.

To do this they should follow these steps:


  • Type in your Talkdesk account name [11] and press Next.


  • Press the Login button [12].


A window will pop up asking you to type in your Talkdesk email address and password:


  • Enter your Talkdesk account details and press the Login button.



That’s it! Callbar Electron is now connected to your Salesforce account. 

Now, when clicking a contact's Salesforce badge in the Callbar it will automatically open the associated contact in Salesforce. You can also log calls and launch the Callbar to initiate a call to one of your contacts who has a phone number associated through a single click on that contact's profile page in Salesforce.

Follow the instructions here to login so you can start using the Callbar


Note: Agents added to Talkdesk using Talkdesk for Salesforce Managed Package are automatically assigned to Salesforce as the default Callbar Integration however, for all other agents, make sure to follow the instructions here to assure no other integration is selected to be used by your agents as default with Callbar.

Also note that, if you are using Chrome browser, in order to use Talkdesk's Click-to-Call extension with Callbar Electron you must follow the instructions here.

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