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Callbar App for Zendesk


In order to install and configure Talkdesk Callbar App and integrate it with your Zendesk account, follow these steps (Note: you must have admin permissions):


Step 1

If you have not done so yet, follow the instructions to install Talkdesk Callbar App on Windows machines or install Talkdesk Callbar App on Mac machines.

Note: If you were previously using Callbar Chrome App with Zendesk you must first uninstall Talkdesk Callbar CTI Connector.


Step 2

Log in to your Zendesk account and do the following:

  • Click the 'Admin' gear icon [1] on the left sidebar of your Zendesk account.
  • Under 'Apps', click on 'Marketplace' [2]. 


  • Search the Zendesk marketplace for "Callbar" [3] and select the 'Talkdesk CTI Connector for Callbar App' [4]: 



  • Press 'Install' and log in to your Zendesk account (or select it from the drop-down list, if available):



  • Tick 'Enable Role restrictions' [5] if you wish to grant access permissions only to specific roles.
  • Tick 'Enable group restrictions' [6] if you wish to grant access permissions only to specific groups.
  • Press 'Install' [7]:



Logging in to the Callbar App CTI  in Zendesk

To start using Callbar App with Zendesk all agents will need to log in to the new CTI prompt displayed inside their Zendesk accounts.

  • Type in your Talkdesk account name [8] and press 'Login' [9]:


A window will pop up:


  • Type in your Talkdesk email address and password and then press the 'Login' button. 

That’s it! Callbar App is now connected to your Zendesk account and you can log in and start using Callbar

Note: Make sure the correct integration is selected to be used by your agents as default with Callbar.

Now, when clicking a contact's Zendesk badge in Callbar, it will automatically open the associated contact in Zendesk:


You can also log calls and launch Callbar to initiate a call to one of your contacts who has a phone number associated through a single click on that contact's profile page in Zendesk.


Note: Also make sure to set up Click to Call extension settings to be used with Callbar App.

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