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Callbar Electron FAQ (Open Beta)


What is Callbar Electron?

With the announcement of  Chrome Apps being shutdown in early 2018, we are moving Talkdesk Callbar from being a Chrome App to a modern desktop application. This move allows us to build more robust features and experiences for the next generation of the Callbar.


What are the advantages of joining Callbar Electron Beta?

By joining our Beta program, you will be the first to get new updates and provide suggestions for our future features. Most importantly, you will be future proofing your organization when Chrome Apps are deprecated.

By becoming a native app, independent of Google Chrome, Callbar can now be used with more web browsers. You can already use it with the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Safari (Version 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox  (Version 54)
  • Chrome (Version 59)
  • Edge (Version 14)


What are the differences between Callbar Chrome App and Electron?

Electron Callbar will feature the same design and is at feature parity with Chrome App. 

All current Callbar Chrome app functionalities will still exist in Callbar Electron.

Installation is done through a direct link instead of downloading through Google’s Chrome Store. 

Also, when using Salesforce, Zendesk and Desk integrations it requires logging in to the CTI directly in these applications, making our authentication system safer and faster.  


How do I install it?

If you are using Windows, follow the instructions here to install it.

If you are using Mac, follow these instructions.

For Debian-Linux machines, follow the instructions here.

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