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Install-Ready AppConnect Apps (Open Beta)


Welcome to AppConnect! You now have the ability to install 3rd party applications directly into Talkdesk with a click of a button. All applications come with a free 30 day trial and, should you choose to purchase, will continue month-to-month without any contract. After using AppConnect, you’ll quickly see how new technology like voice analytics, quality assurance, and productivity tools can help improve your contact center. Take a moment to review how to install apps in your account, then check out one of the apps below!

Below is installation information about the apps that are currently install-ready. 

  • Installing TalkIQ: a voice analytics solution that provides insights from your call recordings
  • Installing Performetric: a monitoring system that helps track agent fatigue from their keyboard and mouse interactions
  • Installing Simple Emotion: a voice analytics solution that focuses on understanding caller intent and sentiment from your call recordings
  • Installing PlayVox: a quality assurance software that you can use to analyze your call recordings and identify areas of improvement
  • Installing AutoReach: a power dialer for Talkdesk Callbar
  • Installing Deepgram: a voice analytics solution that helps you auto-categorize and predict call dispositions
  • Installing Ytica: an out-of-the-box reporting and analytics tool built on years of contact center experience
  • Installing Datatron: an AI for managing your contact center operations (data model requires 100K calls)

If you have any feedback about the installation process or your experience with specific apps, please direct them to


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