Talkdesk for Salesforce relate to case

Talkdesk Callbar will automatically relate the call to the most appropriate Case in focus when a call is logged. By logging the Talkdesk activity object to the right Salesforce Case teams can save time as more interactions occur.

Note: Relate to case works both with Talkdesk Activities and the standard task object created by an automation configured with "log a call".

Talkdesk will log the call to the Case in focus and does not require the contact of the case to match the contact on the call to log successfully. 

This means the case in focus inside Salesforce Service Console or Salesforce Lightning tab, not actually browser tabs:


Click to call from the case will log the call to the case from which the click to call was made, rather than the case that might be in the focus during call logging.

Note: This feature does not work within Salesforce Classic unless you are using Console.

Also note that, in Service Console you can only have one browser tab running Salesforce at a time that you hit "Log" to a Case in focus. If you have more than one browser tab open it will not log correctly.  

When transferring calls internally it logs the Case of the agent for the last leg of the call.


Choosing a specific case or opportunity

In case your agents are already using Callbar App, they are now also able to decide to relate a Talkdesk activity to a specific case or opportunity

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