Talkdesk for Salesforce Sentiment Dashboard

When upgrading Talkdesk for Salesforce from an older version to 1.54 and then running the new Sentiment dashboard for the first time, users may see errors due to Salesforce limitations with pushing upgrades to dashboards and fields for for existing packages.

To fix:

"Error: The running user for this dashboard doesn't have permission to run reports. Your system administrator should select a different running user for this dashboard.”

Admins need to go to the dashboard, click edit, and then choose “View dashboard as” and then select the admin’s name, followed by hitting Save to apply changes.


For Salesforce Classic:

  • Go to the dashboard and click 'Edit':


  • Choose “View dashboard as” [1] and then select the admin’s name:


  • Save the changes [2].


To fix:

"Error:This report cannot be used as the source for this component. If it is a summary or matrix report, add one or more groupings in the report. If it is a tabular report with a row limit, specify the Dashboard Settings in the report.”


“Error: One or more of the fields selected in the component is no longer available in the report. Use the dashboard component editor to select one of the available fields.”

It’s required to modify the Field Level Security for these fields to set these to visible:

  • talkdesk__CSAT__c
  • talkdesk__CSAT_Icon__c
  • talkdesk__CSAT_Response_del__c
  • talkdesk__CSAT_Text_Response__c
  • talkdesk__Is_Mood_set__c
  • talkdesk__Mood_PL__c
  • talkdesk__Mood_Face__c
  • talkdesk__MoodNumValue__c

Which can be found on Talkdesk Activity custom object (talkdesk__Talkdesk_Activity__c):


Go to Setup->Create->Object->Talkdesk Activity


  1. From the management settings for the field's object, go to the fields area.
  2. Click on the name of the field you want to modify.
  3. Click View Field Accessibility.
  4. Specify the field's access level to “Visible” for the appropriate profiles
  5. Click Save



For Salesforce Lightning: 

Salesforce does not provide the ability to modify Lightning dashboards during a pushed upgrade, and the Sentiment for Lightning dashboard will not work for existing Talkdesk for Salesforce customers. Admins can either use the Classic Dashboards “Talkdesk Sentiment Dashboard” or create new Lightning dashboards using our reports.

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