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Release Notes | May 17, 2017


Callbar Version 1.2.0

  • Caller Wait Time - Callbar users can now see how long a customer has waited prior to having their call answered as a part of Snapshot 360. 
  • Hot Keys - Agents can now utilize hot key shortcuts to automatically initiate Callbar actions such as mute, hold, transfer call and more. Hot keys save agents valuable time and streamline the call process for maximum agent productivity.
  • When microphone is disabled an error message is now displayed in Talkdesk: "Unable to access microphone, please check system settings."



  • CSAT standards keywords responses were added to our Sentiment CSAT product. When customers send HELP, OPTOUT or OPTIN, they will automatically receive a response from Talkdesk to provide support or confirmation of the requested action (Open Beta)
  • Sentiment data points added to Reporting API. The customer using the API will now be able to see the time at which the survey was sent, the score received from the customer for a given call, whether the mood survey was prompted to the agent and the result of that survey.
  • Professional Plan Users: Talkdesk Live (legacy) Widget Customization. Previously exclusive to Enterprise plan users, Talkdesk Live (legacy) widget editing capabilities have now been extended to all Professional plan customers. Users can customize their real-time reporting dashboards by selecting which metrics appear and set KPI thresholds for benchmarking.
  • Enterprise plan users: Reporting API Open Beta. Talkdesk Enterprise plan users can now request access to the Calls Report API or User Status Report API. These APIs allow businesses to incorporate their Talkdesk data with other reporting or business intelligence tools to discover new call center insights.

Bug Fixes:

  • Scroll buttons were not working on a zoomed view in the Talkdesk webapp.
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