Talkdesk Sentiment in Salesforce

By activating Sentiment Settings for the account, admins can collect Customer Satisfaction data through text message surveys and agent assessments of Customer Mood.

Supervisors will then also be able to report on customers’ satisfaction metrics directly in Salesforce, using Visualforce on the contact or case object.

The Visualforce page is compatible with Lightning, Classic, and Salesforce Console.

By installing the Visualforce page on the contact object, it will display all related past CSAT and Mood data from calls on the specific contact. By installing the Visualforce page for the case, it will look up the contact associated with the case and show all CSAT and Mood data from calls.

To take advantage of this feature, you must first enable Sentiment settings in Talkdesk, if you didn’t do this yet.


Enabling Talkdesk Sentiment through Salesforce


  1. To enable Sentiment in Talkdesk through Salesforce,  go to Talkdesk Admin [1] Sentiment tab [2] and click the Go to Talkdesk Admin [3] button:

Once you have enabled and configured Sentiment in Talkdesk, you can then install the Visualforce page on both the Case and the Contact Layout.


Sentiment Visualforce Setup


  1. Click the Go to Salesforce Layout button [1].


 2. Click New [2] or Edit [3] to create or edit a new case page layout.


   3. Name the new case layout “Talkdesk Sentiment” [4] and click Save [5].


4. Drag and drop a new Visualforce section and name it “CSAT Section” [6]. Tick the “Detail Page” and “Edit Page” checkboxes [7] and select “1 column” [8].


  1. Drag and drop the “CSATPanelToCaseLayout” to the newly created section and enter a height of 400 pixels [9]. Show scrollbars and label [10].


Accessing Sentiment in Salesforce

Once configured, you can access it by following the steps below:


  1. Open a contact or case in Salesforce. You will see the updated Sentiment Visualforce page containing the following columns for sentiment data (CSAT or MOOD) associated with the contact:
    • CSAT.
    • Mood.
    • Time stamp of call.
    • Case related to the call (the CSAT / Mood will only be related to a case if it is in focus when the call is logged).


Sentiment Details in Salesforce

  1. On the Visualforce case page, all past Sentiment data related to the contact associated with the case will appear.
  2. You can also configure the Talkdesk Activity object to show Mood or Sentiment columns from the list view in a related list.


This will display the stars and mood faces directly on the Talkdesk Activity:


3. Linked cases will only appear for calls properly associated with cases. The case has to be in focus when the call is logged.

Note: The contact listed on the case and the contact from the call must match for Sentiment data to appear correctly.


Removing Sentiment from Salesforce


  1. Go to Talkdesk’s Admin section and on the Preferences tab, disable the setting to stop sending customers CSAT SMS and disable Mood.
  2. Remove the Visualforce page from Page Layout by clicking on the “Remove selection” button.
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