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Does Talkdesk Offer Training for Customers?




We have now launched Talkdesk Academy a free online resource where Agents, Supervisors and Admins can learn more about Talkdesk.

Talkdesk Academy is open to agents, supervisors and admins, offering training suited to all experience levels. These courses have been hand-crafted by our support team and are ideal for training new team members, offering them a chance to get up to speed on our tools before they begin using the product. The courses aren’t restricted to new users, there’s always room for existing users to learn something new.

Each of the available Talkdesk Academy courses alternates between instructive videos and short quizzes to test the information presented in those videos. Our team estimates that they will take between 1.5 and 3.5 hours to finish, but the lessons can be completed at any time and there is no time limit, so they can be completed whenever your schedule allows.

In addition to the three initial training courses, we’re currently working on four new courses: Callbar for Agents, Advanced Supervisor Certification, Callbar for Admins and Advanced Admin Certification. We’re constantly thinking of new topics, so keep checking back to see what will be available.

After completing all the videos and quizzes in a particular course, new graduates will be able to download a Certificate of Completion to showcase their new Talkdesk training.


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