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Can I listen to Call Recordings in mono?


We recently enhanced call recordings by splitting the two sides of the conversation into separate channels. When playing back a call recording you'll hear the caller's voice on the left side, and the agent's voice on the right hand side.

There are a number of benefits to this. It makes it possible to clearly know what was side by each person. If you use an external transcription service you can now transcribe each participant separately which greatly enhances the accuracy and usefulness of transcriptions. It also makes it easier to diagnose call quality issues to know for sure which participant in the call has a problem.


Can I listen to calls in mono, with both participants in both channels?

Yes, you can do this locally on your computer:


Install a Chrome Extension such as Audio EQ or Audio Channel, and press the Mono button:



Or, for Mac only, go to Settings, Accessibility and then select "Play stereo audio as mono":



Alternatively, if you prefer to have dual-channel recordings disabled permanently, please reach out to We will soon be able to turn this off selectively on accounts (ETA: Q2 2017).

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