Callbar Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed is an important contact and call center metric. It is one of the most commonly used service level metrics and is used to track service level compliance in accordance with set goals. This includes the average amount of time it takes for an agent to answer a call, so we understand how every second counts.

In our continuous aim to assist you in achieving your goals, we have now added a new option that allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to navigate Callbar without having to use the mouse. Using keyboard shortcuts can save you time and therefore increase your productivity by reducing repetitive clicks.

Shortcuts allow you to use one or more keys to initiate an action within the Callbar.


Callbar Keyboard Shortcuts


Use the Keyboard Shortcut option (alt+k) or click the Callbar menu in the top left corner to see the list of shortcuts you can use with Callbar:


You can use the following keystrokes in place of the buttons in the Callbar:




Show/hide shortcut list


Answer call


Mute call on the agent’s side


Put the call on hold


End call


Initiate warm transfer


Initiate blind transfer


Open/close call Snapshot


Open/close call notes


Note: You cannot move from one hotkey to another prior to releasing the Alt key first e.g. press alt+k to see the list of shortcuts; release alt key; press alt+k again to exit the list of shortcuts.

Also, note that the hotkeys Alt+e will allow you to end an ongoing call but not reject an incoming call. This has been done to prevent accidental rejections of calls.

If you are an administrator and think that Callbar shortcuts may be interfering with your country-specific keyboard layout, please contact Talkdesk Support.

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