Sentiment Integration Triggers


Automated Tasks give teams the ability to be more efficient by sending data to external systems automatically.

Sentiment triggers allow admins and supervisors to trigger integration executions based on Sentiment data points related to both Mood and CSAT

For example, you can configure Talkdesk to create a ticket in Zendesk when Mood is set to unhappy to reach out again to the customer. Or, when the CSAT received is low you can send an email to a Supervisor. There are many different possibilities!

Below we’ll illustrate how to define a Slack automation to send a congratulatory message to a channel when it receives a CSAT score of 5.


Example: Sending a message on Slack when the CSAT score is 5


  • Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to Admin [1] > Integrations [2]
  • Click on Slack [3].


  • Click Add New Automated Task [4].


  • In Section 1 “Choose a Talkdesk event and an action”, use the dropdown menus to configure the statement “When CSAT score received [5] in Talkdesk then send a message to a slack #channel [6] in Slack”. 
  • In section 2 “Define event”, add a filter and use the dropdown menus [7] to set the filter as “CSAT score Is equal 5


  • In section 3, “Define Action”, you will customize the message sent to Slack. You can visit the article Automated Tasks Fields for more information on the full suite of features offered here. For the purposes of this example, we’ll configure #channel [8], title [9], and message [10] as illustrated above

Once finished, click Save to activate the automated task.



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