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Sentiment FAQ (Beta)


When callers get a survey after a call and reply with STOP, if they call in again do they get the survey?

No, our CSAT SMS survey feature supports the standard STOP keyword, so customers can opt-out from the survey system. They will also receive an SMS confirmation that they've opted out saying:

You have opted out of Customer Feedback surveys for this business. No more surveys will be sent on behalf of this business. Get help at

What if a caller wishes to opt back in the CSAT SMS survey? How can they do it?

Our system also supports the opt in standard keyword: START. If customer want to sign back in, they simply need to send START to the same phone number from which they opted-out and it will re-enable the survey. They will also receive an SMS confirmation that they've opted in saying:

You have opted into Customer Feedback surveys powered by Talkdesk. Get help at Msg&Data rates may apply. Reply STOP to cancel.

What happens when the contact sends HELP as a response to the CSAT survey?

The contact will receive a standard SMS providing information about the CSAT survey:

"Customer feedback survey powered by Talkdesk. Get help at or 888-743-3044. 2 msgs/survey. Msg&Data rates may apply. Reply STOP to cancel."

Which countries are currently available for the CSAT SMS survey?

You can find a list of our currently supported countries in our SMS pricing article.

Why do I have to set the survey voting scale from 1 to 5?

Our architecture is currently designed to recognize numbers from 1 to 5 and to issue reports based on this scale. We ask you to use this scale so we can recognize the digits and provide you with adapted reports.

To which agent is the CSAT score attributed?

The CSAT score is based on the latest agent hosting the call so, it is either attributed to the first agent who answered a given inbound call, or to the last agent who received a transfer (when a call is transferred between one or more agents). 

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