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Sentiment and Calls Report update


Note: This announcement was originally published in 2017. The descriptions below may not reflect the current experience.


We are excited to announce the Beta release of our Sentiment product to all customers on Wednesday, April 12th. As part of this release, we are also introducing 4 new metrics for the Calls Report:

  • CSAT Score
  • CSAT Survey Time
  • Mood
  • Mood Prompted?

This will allow supervisors and admins to have additional data points related to their customers' satisfaction. The CSAT score provides the valid response sent back from a customer to our CSAT SMS survey, the CSAT Survey Time provides the time at which the CSAT survey was sent if it was the case (empty field means that no survey was sent related to that call), Mood provides insights on how the agent perceived the customer's satisfaction, Mood Prompted? is a boolean verifying whether or not the Mood survey was actually displayed to the agent.

The Sentiment metrics fields will be included in new columns right after the IVR Options in the Calls reports. Please note that this change can impact any data automation processes you may currently have in place (i.e. running macros in Excel).

The new Sentiment metrics fields will also be visible to all customers by Wednesday, April 12th.

Please see below the complete list of headers for the Calls Report.

New Calls report:

  • Callsid
  • Call
  • Type
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Talkdesk Phone Number
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Duration
  • Record
  • Hangup
  • In Business Hours?
  • Callback From Queue?
  • Waiting Time
  • Agent Speed to Answer
  • Holding Time
  • Rating
  • Description
  • Agent Name
  • Phone Display Name
  • Disposition Code
  • Transfer?
  • Handling Agent
  • Tags
  • IVR Options
  • CSAT Score
  • CSAT Survey Time
  • Mood
  • Mood Prompted?

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Talkdesk Support

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