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Sentiment Reporting (Beta)


Once Sentiment Settings have been enabled for an account, besides collecting Customer Satisfaction data through text message surveys and gathering additional data by requesting agent’s feedback on the customer’s mood, Supervisors can also start digging into their customer’s satisfaction metrics.


To analyze your Sentiment metrics:


  • Start by clicking the "Reporting" section [1].
  • Select the "Sentiment" tab [2].
  • Choose the desired time period for your analysis by clicking the calendar icon in the top right corner [3]  (e.g. average year to date, average month to date, etc.).


Filters: Ring Groups and Phone Numbers

By default the Sentiment metrics tab displays all CSAT and Mood surveys sent and received by your company, but it might be useful for you to only see results received on specific phone numbers or ring groups. To do this, simply select from the drop-down menus next to "Filter by Ring Group" [4] and/or "Filter by Phone Number" [5] to narrow your selection.


Evolution Graph

You can select the time interval by minute, hour, day, week or month to display the evolution over time details in the chart [6].


Supervisors can monitor:

  • The CSAT average score [7]: average of CSAT score for the calls where a valid CSAT score was received.
  • The Mood average score [8]: average mood for the calls where a mood (happy = 5, neutral = 3 or unhappy = 1) was collected.


  • The CSAT response rate score [9]: number of calls for which we received a valid csat score / number of calls that led to a csat survey being sent.
  • The Mood completion score [10]: number of calls where mood was collected / number of calls where the after call work window was prompted.
  • Agent metrics [11]: Avg. CSAT, CSAT Response Rate, CSAT Survey sent, CSAT Response received, Avg. Mood and Mood completion per agent. Click the top bar headers to sort data alphabetically and in an ascending or descending order.
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