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Callbar Caller Snapshot


When using Callbar you can get a complete perspective of the incoming call thanks to the Caller Snapshot.

Click the contact details icon to the right of the avatar to view the Caller Snapshot [1].


 The Caller Snapshot will then display the following information:


Ring groups

  • When an inbound call is received, you can see via which ring groups the call is coming from.

When a blind transferred call is received from the dedicated line of another agent, the Caller Snapshot will show a tag containing the name of the agent who requested the transfer instead of the ring groups:


 Note: IVR + Queue time is not displayed for the second agent when a call is transferred.


IVR + Queue time

  • Before answering a call, you can see for how long the caller has been waiting.

IVR + Queue time starts counting as soon as the call connects. It includes all time spent listening to greetings, in the IVR, and the queue time. The ringing time is not taken into account.



  • Shows the phone number the caller is using to call you.
  • Click the number or adjacent copy icon to copy the number to a clipboard so you can then paste it in another window or application. 


Call ID

You can copy the ID of the call to another window or application, in case you need this information afterwards. Simply click on the ID or the adjacent copy icon.


Context information

If Studio is enabled for your account and there is at least one flow that is configured to collect context, you will see this information in your Callbar. You can also copy these fields.



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