Installing Callbar Chrome App (Legacy)

Notes: With the announcement of Chrome Apps being shut down in early 2018, we have moved Talkdesk Callbar from being a Chrome App only, into a modern desktop application.

Callbar Chrome App has the same design and is at feature parity with Callbar App, however, only Callbar Chrome App is compatible with Chrome OS and, currently, it's no longer possible to run a new installation of Callbar Chrome App in Chrome OS machines. For these users, Talkdesk supports a web version of Callbar that can be accessed hereRead our Callbar Chrome App End of Life Announcement.

Later, in February 2022, we announced the End of Life of Callbar and encourage you to upgrade to Agent Workspace. Read our Announcement on the End of Life of Callbar, Main Dialer, & Agent Tabs.



If your company uses G Suite by Google, then you can automate the installation of Talkdesk's Chrome Extension and Callbar Chrome App by setting a policy. This will save time and make sure everyone in your team has what they need! 

This action will have to be taken by one of your Google Admins.

Step 1:

Check if you have organized your Google accounts into different organizational units. If not, then create a new org for your Talkdesk users. e.g. "Support".

Once you've done that, move users to the new org.

Step 2:

Go to Device Management > Chrome > App Management

Enter "Talkdesk" in the search box and hit return:


Step 3:

Click on Talkdesk Callbar Chrome App, click on User Settings, and choose the Org you want to install Talkdesk for. 

Click override and then change the switch "Force Installation" to on.


Step 4:

Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the Talkdesk Click-To-Call Extension.

Step 5:

Make sure your team members all sign into their Google account inside of Google Chrome browser. If they are signed in, their name will appear in the upper-right corner of the Chrome browser window. If not click on the Person Icon. More info.

After doing this, the Talkdesk Callbar and Click-To-Call Extension will appear in the agent's browser. All they then need to do is sign into Callbar. 


When a new person joins your team, make sure your Google admin adds them to the Org that you created in Step 1.

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