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SMS Legal Obligations


Note: Talkdesk Sentiment is not available for new customers. To learn more about Talkdesk Feedback™, our new and native customer feedback product, please go here or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Though SMS messages or surveys open up new communication possibilities, they also carry a set of legal requirements regarding who, when, and under what conditions you are allowed to message. Laws and regulations that apply to the telecommunications industry as a whole may also apply to SMS text messaging.

Depending on where your business operates, you may be subject to these or other legal requirements while enabling SMS Talkdesk services (CSAT SMS or Talkdesk SMS). You should ensure that your organisation complies with local regulations.

We strongly recommend you seek the counsel and approval of your Legal team in order to ensure your compliance with any relevant legal requirements and to understand your legal risk, if any. As the service provider for SMS text messages or "common carrier," Talkdesk cannot be held liable for any violations committed.

For CSAT SMS specifically, we would recommend the following best practices for some of our users:

  • Make clear the type of text messages the consumer is signing up for (e.g. consenting to a survey) when reaching out to a given Talkdesk phone number. This can be mentioned either in the Welcome greeting, the terms of use provided to your customers in your website or your app, or other highly-visible areas.
  • Include how the subscriber can opt out of the survey session at any time (e.g. by texting “STOP”):



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