Sentiment Settings: Mood Surveys

Note: Talkdesk Sentiment is not available for new customers. To learn more about Talkdesk Feedback™, our new and native customer feedback product, please go here or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.


Besides collecting Customer Satisfaction data through text message surveys, admins can gather additional data by requesting their agent’s feedback on the customer’s mood at the end of every call with a client.

Mood is basically the emotional state of a caller, which can be determined by numerous facts such as the nature of the issue the caller is calling about, where and when the caller is calling from, the caller’s past experience with your company, etc.  


Mood Surveys

Once you have enabled Sentiment Settings for your account, when you go to the After Call Work settings, a new Mood Survey option is displayed:


By switching the "Mood Survey" option to the ON (right) position, agents will see an option to assess the caller's mood at the end of each call.

Note: The Call Disposition Dialog needs to be enabled as well.

Agents will be required to evaluate the caller’s mood by selecting one of four emoji options (Happy, Neutral, Unhappy/Angry or Not possible to evaluate, e.g. call dropped before being possible to evaluate):



This option is available both in the Callbar:


And the main Talkdesk web application:


The selected Mood emoticon will change color to indicate that it is selected:

  • Happy:
  • Neutral:
  • Unhappy/Angry:
  • Don’t Know/Not possible to evaluate*:


*eg. call dropped before being possible to evaluate it

Learn more about Contact Mood.

Besides collecting Customer Satisfaction data through text message surveys and gathering additional data by requesting agent’s feedback on the customer’s mood, Supervisors can then also start digging into their customer’s satisfaction metrics.

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