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Navigation bar and Voicemails improvements


Although nothing has changed in terms of how it works, you will notice that our navigation bar has received a new design. We’ve simplified the navigation bar to make it more accessible. The original section icons have been replaced with the section's names, so it’s easier to find what you are looking for.

Old navigation bar:

New navigation bar:

More prominent though, are the changes introduced to our Voicemail section:

A new counter now allows agents to immediately see the number of voicemails assigned to them, together with the total number of open voicemails.

By using a new ‘Assigned To” filter, agents will also be able to display only those voicemails assigned to them, and immediately mark one or a set of voicemails as Resolved.

New filters allow agents to search and quickly filter voicemails by Open/Resolved and to display only those voicemails received in the last 6 hours, last 24 hours, last week or last month.

They can choose to list only those voicemails received in a specific number (Inbound Number) and select all, one or multiple ring groups.

Clicking the phone icon will immediately initiate a call to that contact.

Learn more about Talkdesk Voicemails.

The voicemail settings have also been moved from the Voicemail section into the Admin Preferences page. Learn how to change your voicemail settings.


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