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Release Notes | February 15, 2017



  • Custom storage configuration (beta). Enterprise-level customers can now configure Talkdesk to store all recordings and voicemails in a custom Amazon bucket with no changes to current workflow. Learn about Custom Data Storage Provider Configuration.
  • Contact pop for any Talkdesk integration. Callbar now allows agents to pop a contact from any contact sync enabled integration.
  • Callbar create a contact for any Talkdesk Integration. Pressing the ‘Create Contact’ button will sync the new contact into Talkdesk and also push the contact to any other integrated systems, as long as sync automations are set up.
  • Voicemails 2.0. The voicemail tab is completely overhauled and customers can now focus on specific voicemails by filtering according to ring groups, inbound numbers, assignees or recency.



  • Callbar contact pop with the main Talkdesk web application — selecting Talkdesk as the Callbar integration will allow agents to access the contact's profile in Talkdesk through a single click.
  • Click-to-call from the main Talkdesk web application  — when in widget mode, click-to-call on phone numbers in the main Talkdesk web application are now dialed through Callbar.
  • Callbar new Settings: ringing output and always on top. Agents can now use a separate device to play the call ringing sound from the one used for listening to calls in the Callbar.
  • Call switching in Callbar — call switching allows agents to switch from a current call to another incoming call to their direct lines (i.e. dedicated lines and extensions) while simultaneously ending the current call.
  • Voicemail settings have been moved from the “Voicemail” section into the “Admin - Preferences” page.
  • Improved permissions on Talkdesk Live (legacy) — Talkdesk admins are now able to selectively grant permissions to Talkdesk Live (legacy). Now you can choose whether users can view only or can also make changes.
  • Changes to agents reports — The Agents Report, Agents Breakdown Report and Agent Status Report include a new agent identifier field: agent email.
  • Supervisors can now distinguish between abandoned and short abandoned calls in Talkdesk Live (legacy), allowing them to take immediate action on the situations that require their attention.
  • Custom domains are now supported for A new “custom domain” field has been added to the Talkdesk for Desk integration configuration page. This field needs to be completed by the admin when configuring the integration.



  • Callbar: Calls where the disposition window has been dismissed no longer appear as “Not Found.”
  • Reporting: Average time to abandon no longer includes short abandons when this filter is enabled.
  • Reporting: Resolved an issue where the columns in the Scheduled Activity were not matching the headers.


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