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Talkdesk Live (legacy) Permissions Changes


Note: This Announcement was originally published in 2017.


Talkdesk admins are now able to select from two Talkdesk Live (legacy) permissions for roles. The permissions are:

View: Grant access to Live (legacy) tab in Reporting and ability to edit widgets, copy call SIDs

Update: Grant ability to monitor phone calls, change agent status and send agents Slack messages (if enabled)

Prior to this update, all users with access to Talkdesk Live (legacy) had the ability to monitor phone calls and send Slack messages.

We have now also added the ability for users with the Update permission to change an agent’s status from within Talkdesk Live (legacy), if they notice that the agent is in an incorrect state.

These new permissions provide admins with more control over actions that can be taken from Talkdesk Live (legacy).

Please note that all roles with existing Talkdesk Live (legacy) access have been automatically set to include the “Update” permission to avoid disruption to current workflows. We recommend that you revisit your permission settings for each of your users.

Learn how to update Talkdesk Live (legacy) permissions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or

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