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Change Agent Status


Supervisors with the required permissions are able to change an agent’s status directly from Talkdesk Live (legacy) drilldown view.

This feature helps Supervisors better manage productivity and act on real-time data by updating agent statuses that are incorrect (for example, if an agent is away and forgot to log out, or available but his/her status is displaying as away).


How Does it Work?

  • Supervisors with the Update permission for Talkdesk Live (legacy) will be able to change agents statuses from the live agent drilldown view.
  • Status is immediately changed for the agent
  • Agent is notified that a Supervisor has changed his/her status in both the Main Talkdesk application and Callbar

To Change an Agent’s Status in Talkdesk Live (legacy):


  • Sign in to your account as an administrator or supervisor.
  • Access the "Reporting” section on the top menu [1].
  • Select the “Live (legacy)" tab [2].
  • Click the Agents - Online donut widget to drill down into a detailed list of agents [3].
  • Users with Talkdesk Live (legacy) update permissions are able to change individual agent statuses from the agent drilldown view, by clicking the drop-down menu next to the agent’s status [4] and selecting a new one.
  • The agent’s status is immediately changed and the agent is notified that his/her status has been changed by his/her supervisor, both in the Main Talkdesk application and Callbar:

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