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Screen Pop for Any Integration


Talkdesk Callbar allows agents to pop a contact from any contact sync enabled integration:

Besides the already existing Callbar fully integrated apps (Salesforce, Zendesk and, agents can now also take further advantage of the Callbar with any other integration they are using, including home grown CRMs, as long as it has a contact sync configured:

  • When making or receiving calls using the Callbar, clicking the arrow badge next to the avatar of the caller will open that contact’s page on a new browser tab for any integration.

Once admins configure an integration from the list of available options in the Talkdesk Integrations section and sync contacts to Talkdesk, the integration is automatically added to the list of available Callbar Integrations:

By assigning one of the listed integrations as an agent’s default Callbar integration, admins will allow that agent to open and search contacts on the selected integration straight from the Callbar.

The agent’s Callbar will then display a badge showing the selected default integration logo. When making or receiving a call, by clicking the contact’s badge in the Callbar, agents are automatically taken to the contact’s profile page on that integration:

Interested in setting up an integration not listed? Please contact our support team:

Note: Setting up a custom integration is only available to subscribers of an Enterprise plan.

Once a custom integration is set up, admins will be able to select the custom integration value during agent’s creation, batch editing, and on the agent’s default Callbar integration settings:

Learn more about Callbar Integration.

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