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Upgrading to Lightning if you were already using Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package


In case you have installed our Talkdesk for Salesforce managed package prior to September 2016 and are migrating to Salesforce Lightning, please note that a few extra steps are required. 

During non-business hours, simply remove the existing Talkdesk Call Center Adapter, upload the new files and and re-assign the users to this new call center by following these instructions:

  • Login to Salesforce, and go to Setup Home [1]:

  • Search for Call Center and then click on Call Centers [2]:

  • Delete the existing Call Center CTIs (Talkdesk Callbar and Talkdesk Classic CTI) [3]:

  • Click on Import > Choose File [4]. Download this new Talkdesk Callbar file and import it with the Import button seen below. (Right click the link and hit "Save As..." to download the XML. It may not download correctly by left clicking the link on some configurations.)

Now, you need to add users to the newly imported phone in order to allow agents to make and receive calls:

  • Go to the newly created Talkdesk Call Center Adapter, click on Manage Call Center Users and click on Add More Users:

You can apply a search criteria in order to reduce the amount of users that appear in the list, or if that doesn't matter, just click Find to list all your users.

Select the ones you need, and click Add to Call Center.

Everything has now been configured!

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