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Callbar Ringing Output and Always on Top


Ringing Output

Agents can now use a separate device to play the call ringing sound from the one used for listening to calls in the Callbar. This allows them to, for instance route the ringing sound to their speakers and the voice/conversation to the headset.

By accessing the Settings panel on the top-left corner of the Callbar (next to the log out and version number information menu), agents can select from the following options: 

  • Audio Input: This option allows agents to select their Callbar microphone audio input used to capture their voice as they speak. It also allows agents to test the input selected via an audio level meter.
  • Audio Output: Select where to listen to the other person’s voice (eg. headset). This option also allows agents to play a test sound on the output selected.
  • Ringing Output: Where to play the ringing sound when a call is received in the Callbar (eg. speakers). Clicking the ‘Play Test Sound’ link allows them to test this device.

When a new audio and/or mic input is added, the Callbar settings panel is automatically updated to list the new available device.

The Audio settings include the default device settings (the system default mic and default speakers) as well as any other detected options, which can then be selected separately as the input and output.

Learn how to test and change Callbar audio settings.


Always on Top

Another new option has been introduced allowing agents to choose not to always display the Callbar on top of all other applications.

By default, this option is set to ON and the Callbar is displayed in the front, always visible and never hidden behind other windows, unless minimized:

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