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Short Abandoned Calls View in Talkdesk Live (legacy)


Supervisors can quickly distinguish between abandoned and short abandoned calls in Talkdesk Live (legacy), allowing them to take immediate action on the situations that require real attention (abandoned calls), and not lose time with those that are out of their control (short abandons).

Short abandon calls are usually those calls that are not in the system long enough to be considered as events. This may occur when a caller mistakenly dials your call center, is not interested in dealing with an IVR, or any case where they decided to hang up immediately.

Once a threshold has been configured to filter out ‘short abandoned calls’ for your account or a specific number, short abandon calls will be listed separately from abandoned calls in your Talkdesk Live (Legacy) Inbound Calls widget:


This view is only available on the donut graph type so make sure to configure Talkdesk Live (legacy) to display your Calls - Inbound widget in this format:


Note: Once enabled, Short Abandon calls will also be filtered out from your abandoned call statistics (ie. average abandon rates).

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