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Release Notes | January 12, 2017





  • Easy Callbar user setup in Salesforce Managed Package (GA) - The latest package is live and updated on the App Exchange, which includes a new setup process for assigning users to the Callbar CTI.
  • The Callbar outbound phone number dropdown is now sorted alphabetically and then by number.
  • Deleted/Inactive/Merged contacts in Zendesk are now removed from Talkdesk after they are removed from Zendesk. Contact sync with Zendesk has been updated to better handle contacts that are merged in Zendesk, which will resolve issues that some customers have experienced with contacts failing to pop.
  • Changes to Reporting Calendars Date Range Selection. User experience was improved to make sure Talkdesk remains an easy-to-use application.



  • Callbar: Logging a note button was disabled while the notes section was expanded.
  • Callbar: Disposition codes failed to appear after a blind transfer.
  • Reporting: Change Page in Calls and Dispositions Tabs was not responding.
  • Reporting: Report name text was overlapping the text in the "Type" column.
  • Reporting: Fixed a bug in Talkdesk Live that was preventing Supervisors from monitoring some calls.
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