Contact Creation in Callbar

When a call is made or received using Callbar, if the number already exists in your list of contacts in Talkdesk or one of your account's synced integrations, clicking the contact's name or phone number displays a drop-down menu with the list of all available contacts associated with that number. Selecting a contact from the drop-down menu allows you to log the call against the correct contact.

You can also create a new contact when it does not yet exist:


Note: If you are unable to create new contacts from Callbar, this may mean that you don’t have the required permissions. Please check with your administrator.


Simply select ‘Create Contact’ from the drop-down menu and type in the new contact's first and last name:  


Pressing the ‘Create Contact’ button will sync the new contact into Talkdesk and, if other contact sync automations are set up for the account, also push the contact to those integrated systems:

  • Alternatively, if you are unable to complete this action during the call, you will still be able to merge or add the new contact name details at the end of the call, when the disposition window is displayed:



Note: To ensure the cleanliness of your contact data, and also in order to avoid the creation of 'dummy contacts' (ie. a phone number with no contact name associated), when a call is made or received in the Callbar to/from a new number that did not yet exist in your Contacts list, we recommend that you always type in the contact's first and last name before logging the call disposition. 

If no name is provided, Talkdesk will sync the new contact as the phone number only, e.g. "+123456789". 

Also, please note that in order for newly created contacts to be synced from Talkdesk into a required integration, admins must first enable the automation: 'When a contact is created in Talkdesk, then sync with contact in the x application'. Learn how to create contact automations in Callbar, and how to further avoid the creation of duplicate and 'dummy contacts'.


Once the contact has been synced, clicking the badge displayed next to the contact's initials in Callbar will open the contact details in Talkdesk or the selected Client Integration:

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