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Talkdesk Live (legacy): widget refresh rate



Note: This Announcement was originally published in 2017.


Talkdesk Live (legacy) alerts managers and supervisors of situations that need attention at any given moment, allowing them to make informed real-time decisions.

Some key features of Talkdesk Live (legacy) include configurable widgets and detailed online agents and live calls drill downs. Metric widgets listed as 'Now' (e.g.'Live' and 'In Progress' metrics), display results for events occurring at this exact present moment. Metric widget results for “Today", "Last Hour", "Last 30 Minutes" or "Last 5 Minutes" are refreshed every 2 minutes.


Refresh rates for "Today", ´"Last Hour", "Last 30 Minutes" or "Last 5 Minutes" widgets are now made available directly from the Talkdesk Live (legacy) dashboard. 

When hovering over the clock icon displayed in the top right corner of these widgets, a message is displayed with the following information: "Updated at: Xm:Ys. Next update in X seconds.": 

Metric widgets listed as 'Now' (e.g.'Live' and 'In Progress' metrics) are refreshed in real time and will now display a green ‘Live’ icon to indicate this:


This information has also been updated to be displayed when creating new or editing Live widgets:

and also for "Today", "Last Hour", "Last 30 Minutes" or "Last 5 Minutes"widgets, so Supervisors are aware at all times of the information getting displayed in the Live dashboard:


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