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Blind transfers to agent's voicemails (Closed Beta)


If voicemail is enabled for the account or phone number, agents can now blind transfer calls directly to another agent’s voicemail during inbound calls.

To enable this feature please contact our support team:

Once enabled, when blind transferring calls to an agent in an away (orange) or available status (green), if the receiving agent fails to answer or rejects the call, it will now go to voicemail instead of getting returned to the original agent. The voicemail is then automatically assigned to the agent to whom the call was transferred.

Agents can also blind transfer the call to an agent who is in a busy (red) or offline (gray) status and the voicemail will be automatically assigned to that agent.

If voicemail is disabled for the number and account, and the agent blind transfers to another agent in an away (orange) or available (green) status who rejects the call or fails to answer it, the call is still returned to the original agent. It will also not be possible to transfer to offline (gray) and busy (red) statuses agents in this case.

Prior to blind transferring a call, agents can see the status of all other available agents.

When voicemail is enabled, agents in gray (offline) and red (busy) statuses display a recording symbol when moused over, to confirm that the call will be sent to voicemail:


Note: This feature is not available during outbound calls; it is only available for inbound calls.

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