Product Notice: New Feedback Flow Report for IVR Survey Data

In preparation for launching custom IVR Surveys, we are improving Feedback reporting. Starting Tuesday, November 22, your IVR Survey data in Explore will start being generated in the new Feedback Flow Report instead of the Legacy Feedback Report. 


How to Access the IVR Survey Data


  1. Go to the Explore application [1].
  2. From the list, locate the new default report named “Feedback Flow Report”.
  3. Once the page loads you will find the raw data for your survey responses.


  1. Using the gear icon in the top right [2] you can Download, Send or even Schedule data for extraction.

Note:  If you are extracting data from the Explore API or have scheduled reports using the Feedback Report, extraction will need to be updated to pull from the new Feedback Flow Report. Further API documentation can be found in the developer documentation and data dictionary respectively.


Why is this change being made?

Customizable surveys are our biggest customer requests, and one of the top priorities for the Feedback product. In an effort to move towards more customizable IVR Surveys, we need to update the way the data is presented and accessed in Explore reporting.

For SMS Surveys, we recently launched the Feedback Flow Builder, which will serve as the foundation for custom surveys in additional channels in the future. 




Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions.

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