Automation Designer: Say Component

The Say component specifies the message that a Autopilot sends in a conversation. You can define multiple messages so that users can receive varied sentences in each session for better conversational experiences.

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1. Click on a Autopilot model and select Automation Designer [1].

2. You will be taken to the Automation Designer tab inside the Builder app, where the flow configuration will take place.


3. Under “General”, select the Say component [2] and then drag it to a canvas on your right side [3].

4. Double-click the component. Then, the component settings panel [4] will appear.

5. Provide the required details of the component.

    • “Component name” [5]: The name of the Say component. The name can only contain letters, numbers (except as a first character), and underscores, and can be as long as 30 characters.
    • “Send message to the user” [6]: You can define a single message or multiple messages for the “Message” field. If you add multiple messages, one will be randomly picked during the conversation. You can add up to five message alternatives with a maximum of 1000 characters for each message. For voice calls, you can define messages in SSML format to allow for more customization in your response, such as pauses, abbreviations, and currency expressions.
      Note: Click Add alternative or the trash can icon to add or remove a message. You must define at least one message.
    • “End conversation” [7]: Check this option if you want to end the conversation after the message is sent. Keep in mind that you should not add any connected component after the Say component if this option is checked.

6. Click Save [8].

7. After the component is created, you can connect it with another component. Keep in mind that if the component is not directly or indirectly connected to a Flow Trigger component, it will be ignored when the flow is executed.

Note: A red exclamation mark will appear on the component node if any required field is invalid. Hold the pointer over it to see further details.


Deleting a Say Component

1. On your canvas, click the Say component you want to delete and then press the backspace key (Windows) or the delete key (Mac) on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can double-click the component and select Delete in the side panel that appears.


2. Click Delete component in the dialog that appears to confirm the deletion.

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