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Workspace Designer Canvas

Canvas is a set of Talkdesk Workspace™ extension points to render panels, based on custom business-logic rules. Through automations, it’s possible to define which panel is rendered for every specific use case.

Canvas consists of installed-like apps and, as extension points, can be a section of an app, a tab, a secondary area app, or a typical Workspace app, among others.


Available Canvas

Below, you will find a list of the available canvas types. Each canvas has its own set of advantages for you to consider. 

Note: No canvas is installed by default.


Conversations App Tab Canvas


This canvas appears as a tab during a call (inbound or outbound) on the Conversations app.

Secondary App Canvas


This canvas appears as an app in the secondary area. It allows the canvas to always be visible, regardless of the app the user is currently working on.


Cards App Canvas


This canvas appears available as a Workspace app in the left-side dock.


Enable Canvas

As stated above, no canvas apps are installed by default. To install a canvas, follow the steps below:

Log in to your Talkdesk account and navigate to Workspace Designer [1].

Select Canvas [2] and, from the “Canvas” page, click on the Install canvas link [3] on the desired canvas. A modal will open, so you can configure the app installation (choose the plan, the users, and the roles that will have access to it).


Defining Conditions to Display Panels

You can define the conditions for each canvas to display your panels. This is so your panels are rendered in that specifically chosen area. 

To define conditions, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Talkdesk account and navigate to Workspace Designer [1].
  2. Select the Canvas menu item [2]. From the “Canvas” page, click the Edit button [3] on the desired canvas.

You’ll then be redirected to the Automation Designer, where you can create the flow that defines those conditions.

Note: Once you define the conditions to display panels in the Automation Designer app, navigate back to Workspace Designer by using the options available on the left menu.


Workspace Designer Canvas Automation Nodes

Canvas Trigger Node

The canvas trigger node is the automation starting point. You may see it as when a canvas is loaded.


Render Panel Node

The Render Panel node is the automation ending point. Here is where you must define the panel to render. You may have multiple Render Panel nodes, depending on the automation flow you’re designing.

To define the desired panel, follow the steps below:

Double-click on the Render Panel node [1] and fill in the fields as described below:

  • Provide a “Component Name” [2] for your panel.
  • Choose the desired panel using the “Select panel” dropdown [3].

Click Save [4] to apply the changes.

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