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Workspace Designer Panels

A Panel is a group of cards with an app-like customized layout. The cards can be built by you or system cards available through the card library. It’s possible to reorder and resize them to your liking.


Creating a Panel

To create a Panel, follow the steps below:


  • Log in to your Talkdesk account and navigate to Workspace Designer [1].
  • Select Panels [2] and from the “Panels” page, click the Create panel [3] button.


This will open up a box with two fields, that you must fill out as described below:

  • Provide a “Name” [4] for your panel.
  • Enter an optional “Description” [5] for the panel.
  • Click on the Create [6] button to finalize the process and proceed to the configuration.


Editing a Panel

To edit a Panel, follow the steps below:


Navigate to Workspace Designer [1], select the Panels menu item [2], and choose the desired Panel’s Edit button [3] on the panel list.


Customizing the Display Settings


Adding cards


Click on one of the available Add card [1] buttons. The tabs at the top of the panel will indicate the available card categories for you to select from [2]. Add the desired cards to the panel by clicking on the corresponding plus (+) [3] button.


Resizing cards


To resize a card, use the bottom-right icon [1]. Click and drag to resize the card to the preferred size.

Note: Cards use a grid, so it’s only possible to increase/decrease the size in predefined steps.


Reordering cards


To reorder a card, use the icon at the card’s top-left [1]. Click and drag to move the card to the preferred place.

Note: Cards use a grid, so it’s only possible to place them in predefined places.

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