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Disabling the Zendesk CTI Widget


Note: We will soon be retiring our CTI Widget for Zendesk. This means that agents using the Classic CTI to handle phone calls will no longer be able to access it. In order to continue using Talkdesk without interruption, agents should start using the Callbar (more information here).

Talkdesk Callbar is an application that allows users to make and receive calls via Talkdesk from any application they are working in. It works just like the existing Call Bar in the main Talkdesk web application or the CTI Widget, giving your agents the power to communicate with your customers in real time.

We would like to move all customers to Callbar as soon as possible. Follow the instructions here to proceed with Talkdesk’s Callbar installation in Zendesk.

You will then need to disable the CTI Widget in Zendesk.

To do this:

  1. Click the 'Admin' gear icon [1] on the bottom left sidebar of your Zendesk account.
  2. Under 'Apps', click 'Manage' [2].
  3. Search for Talkdesk in the 'Currently Installed' and 'Enabled Apps' [3].
  4. Click on the bottom right corner of the Talkdesk app to display an admin cogwheel (or double click it to enter the settings page) and swap the green enabled bar to the left to disable it [4].
  5. Press the 'Save settings' button.
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