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Talkdesk CTI Widget


Talkdesk’s CTI Widget allows you to provide phone support within the familiar interface of Salesforce, Zendesk and Make, receive, transfer and record calls, click-to-call and much more: you won’t need to switch between two applications to access the full range of Talkdesk features.

  • While on a call, you can see the information on the caller’s name and number as well as the number dialed, and whether the call is inbound or outbound:

  • Select contact dropdown will appear when multiple contacts share the same phone number. Simply select the correct contact from the dropdown menu [1] and your call will be logged to that contact [2]:

Pause Call Recording

If this feature has been enabled by an administrator, you will see a small pause recording button on the top left corner of your CTI Widget. To pause the recording, simply click the pause button. This is a great feature if you wish to, for instance, prevent the recording of any sensitive information (i.e credit card details, etc.) during your call.

Once you hit pause, you will have a visual indicator showing the call recording as paused. To resume the call recording simply click the Resume button. 


Mute and Hold

To mute a caller simply click the “Mute” button [1]. When a call is on mute, you can still hear your caller but the caller can't hear you.

You can also place a call on hold by clicking the “Hold” button [2]. When a call is on hold, the caller cannot hear you and you cannot hear the caller.


Adding Guests

Press the 'Add Guest' icon on the left to add a new guest to your call [1]. This will bring up a search box where you can type in the name of any agent and confirm their current status, or simply type in an external phone number to initiate a call conference.

  • Use the keypad button [2] to enter any required extension or IVR option.
  • Press the ‘Add Guest’ [3] button to add new guests to your call.
  • You can add as many guests as you wish and all names and numbers will be listed [4].


Transferring Calls

Use the 'Transfer' button on the right to transfer a call [1].

Simply type in the name of any agent [2] to confirm status and add him or her to the call, or type any phone number to Warm or Blind transfer [3] the call:

  • If you selected warm transfer, you can talk to the receiving agent about the caller’s issue, give any background information that might be helpful and prepare him or her for the interaction. Press the ‘Add Customer’ [4] button to connect the customer to the call.
  • When ready, press the ‘Complete Transfer’ [5] button: the caller will be left in line with the new agent.
  • The "Cancel Transfer" [6] button allows you to cancel the transfer and go back to the original call.


Notification for Automatic Away Status

Automatic Away Status gives the option to configure the number of missed calls after which an agent status will automatically be set to away. Once enabled, when this number is reached, agent's CTI Widget will display the following message:


Salesforce Phone Mode

If you’re using Talkdesk’s CTI Widget in Salesforce you might see a phone icon on the top right corner: this means phone mode has been enabled for your account:

If the icon is blue, phone mode is enabled for you and you can use your external phone to take calls:


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