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Widget Mode - Disabling Calls in The Main Talkdesk Web Application


Our new application, Talkdesk Callbar, allows agents to make and receive calls via Talkdesk from any application they are working in.

We understand that there might be a need for our customers to use Talkdesk main application at the same time they are using Callbar. However, you cannot have two or more Talkdesk instances in your browser simultaneously, so we created Widget Mode as a solution.

The Widget Mode ensures that you can have the main Talkdesk web application open without it interfering with the Callbar.

This option can be found on the top right corner of the Talkdesk main application, between the agent status and the agent name initials. By default, it will be set to Web Mode.

To change it:

  • Click the Web Mode option [1].
  • Select the Widget Mode option [2]:


Web Mode:

This is how Talkdesk works normally and allows you to make and receive calls in the main Talkdesk web application. When this option is selected, calls will not ring in Callbar. Admins and Supervisors should also switch to Web Mode if they wish to monitor calls

Widget Mode:

This mode disables calls inside the main Talkdesk web application so you can use the Callbar for calls, and keep the main Talkdesk web application open in another tab without it interfering (perhaps for viewing reporting). 

Please note, if we ever enable our backup plan, you'll need to make calls from the main Talkdesk web application instead. Read more about our Backup Plan here. 

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