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Userlike Integration Activation


The Userlike integration setup is simple and easy. Once it’s done, you can start taking advantage of the synchronization with Talkdesk.

Follow the instructions below and the integration process will be complete.

Get Your API Token in Userlike

To start the integration process, you need an API Token from Userlike.

  • Log into your Userlike account.
  • Click on Company on the left sidebar [1] and then select API Settings [2].
  • Copy the API Token found under Value [3], so that you can use it later in Talkdesk.



Activate Your Userlike Integration in Talkdesk

Follow these steps to activate the integration in Talkdesk:

  • Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.
  • Click on the Admin section at the top of the page [4]. 
  • Select the Integrations tab [5] and click on the Userlike Connect button [6].


Fill out the form with your Userlike credentials:

  • Paste the API Token [7] copied from Userlike, as instructed in step 3.
  • Copy the Webhook Key [8].
  • Select the appropriate boxes [9] to synchronize contacts and chat interactions. 
  • Click Save [10].


Add the Secret Key in Userlike

You’re almost finished:

  • Go back to your Userlike dashboard.
  • Click on Config [11] on the left sidebar and then select Addons Settings [12].
  • In the Service column, locate API [13].
  • Click on the button under the Action column [14].



 In the page that opens, please follow these steps:

  • In the Callback URL field [15], paste the following URL and add the Webhook Key copied in step 8: 

For example:

  • Select the appropriate boxes [16] or set these options later.
  • Click on Update Settings [17]. 


You should see a message from Userlike, confirming that the API integration has been completed.

This means that the Talkdesk and Userlike integration is now ready and information will be automatically synchronized between the two accounts.

Note: You will only see contacts and interactions that happened after the integration was activated.

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