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Bigcommerce Integration Activation


Setting up this integration is simple. No programming is required; just enter your Bigcommerce account information and the integration process is complete.

Follow these steps to activate the integration (Note: you must have admin permissions).

Get Your Credentials

First, you need to obtain your Bigcommerce credentials. Log into your Bigcommerce account and:

  • Click "Setup & Tools" on the top right sub bar [1].
  • In the ‘Advanced tools’ column, select "Legacy API accounts" [2].

  • Click "Create a Legacy API Account" [3]. Your new API Path and API Token will be created and displayed so you'll need to copy it somewhere safe before continuing.

  • Enter a new "Username" [4].
  • Click "Save" [5].


Activate Bigcommerce Integration in Talkdesk

1. Log into your Talkdesk account as an Administrator.

2. Click on the "Admin" section [6] at the top of the page.

3. Select the "Integrations" tab [7] and click on the Bigcommerce "Connect" button [8].

4. Fill out the form with your credentials:

  • The Website is your API Path [9].
  • Enter your Username [10].
  • Enter your API Token [11].

Select the appropriate boxes to customize the configuration in order to synchronize contacts, notes and orders [12].

Once you complete these steps click "Save" and that's it! The Talkdesk and Bigcommerce integration is activated and you can start adding your automations!

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