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Kustomer Integration Activation


Follow these steps to activate the Talkdesk integration with Kustomer:

Get Your Kustomer API Key

Log into your Kustomer account and follow these steps to get your API key:

  • Click the settings gear icon on the left sidebar [1]
  • Click on “API Keys” in the Settings menu [2]
  • Click “New API Key” [3]:

  • Name your API key [4], select the org.admin and org.user roles [5] and press save [6]:

  • Now copy your API key [7]:

Activate the Kustomer Integration in Talkdesk

  • Log into your Talkdesk account
  • Click on the admin section at the top of the page [8]
  • Select the Integrations tab [9]
  • Click on the “Connect” button for the Kustomer integration [10]:

  • Enter your Kustomer account URL (this should look like [11]
  • Paste your API token [12]
  • Select the appropriate settings for contact sychronization, agent synchronization, interactional retrieval and action preview, then click Save [13]:

The integration is now configured and, if you’ve enabled contact and/or agent synchronization, those processes will start immediately. You may also begin adding automations.

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